Lenspoem was born, raised and made with love in 2011. We provide one of the largest ranges of colored contact lenses around the world including natural, cosplay, Halloween and many other classic series. We pride ourselves on being wallet friendly and high quality approved, allowing you to find everything you need to complete your desired look.

During these 7 years' development, Lenspoem is outstanding compared with many other contact lenses brands. Our company's turnover has reached 80 million, which is expected to get to 1 billion by the end of 2019. Basing on delicate design and mature online store operation, Lenspoem is on a path of rapid growth these years. In addition, our global followers on Instagram have exceeded 720K, and this number is growing every day!


Hunan Weidianna Trading Co., Ltd 

Liangguo Company, Intersection of Chuangye Avenue and Luting Road, Dahe Street Office, Shaodong City, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province

Contact us through emails at:support@lens-poem.com